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Discover the local talent in our restaurant!

From March 15 to April 7, the Gastrobar 6 Sentidos restaurant will be transformed into a vibrant and exciting art gallery.

With a captivating selection of works, this exhibition brings together the talent and creativity of four outstanding artists:

Miwako Yamaguchi (@miwako_ekaki)

Lola Carvajal Prieto (@lalolaestapintando)

Emilio Angel Macanas Perez (@emiliomacanas)

Emilio Macanas Martínez (@emimacanas)

Each of them invites us to immerse ourselves in their artistic universe, exploring themes, styles and emotions that transport us to extraordinary places.

But this exhibition is not only about admiring visual art; it is also about experiencing the synergy between art and gastronomy. At Gastrobar 6 Sentidos, each dish is a culinary masterpiece designed to stimulate all our senses and complement the artistic experience.

So we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey, where painting comes to life and food becomes art. From March 15 to April 7, immerse yourself in the 6 Senses and be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in all its forms. Don’t miss it!