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About us

Know us

Welcome to Gastrobar 6 Senses. We are a unique and exciting restaurant located in the heart of Mosa Trajectum/Altaona. Our gastronomic offer is based on fresh and powerful flavors. We make fresh market cuisine, with its own name and traditional style.
Our team

The art of cooking

Gastrobar 6 Sentidos has an excellent team that takes care of all the details involved in the gastronomic ritual: from the kitchen with Pepe López, Murcian chef who worked alongside the great Berasategui and was also one of the 10 winners of the Unilever Food Solutions competition; to the dining room service, led by Demi Radstake.
A team of professionals who make gastronomy an ART.
Our cuisine

Gastronomic philosophy

We offer variety, from the most modern to the most traditional. Eating has to be fun, but yes, you have to put not five, but six senses into the preparation of dishes.
«The sixth sense is the sense of affection»
the best in food

We put the 6 senses

We offer a wide variety of dishes, with a wide selection of starters to whet your appetite, both hot and cold.

We prepare excellent rice, such as lobster, Arroz a banda or our particular Lower Loin Ibérico and boletus paella.

In meats, we offer Navarra beef tenderloin or Friesian beef steak.

We have a wide range of fresh seafood and fish.